A statement of post-war British architecture commanding a street that has witnessed the architectural collision of new and old, at the heart of The City’s most dynamic quarter.

Testament to the City’s strength in reinventing and rebuilding itself Wood Street, originally named after its row of houses made only of wood, today is an indication of architectural change, progress and experimentation.

100 Wood Street offers a total of 146,000 sq ft of office space over 9 floors. Currently there are 2 floors of office space available, comprising of 27,986 sq ft as well as 2,471 sq.ft of retail space. Its large curved glass skin floods this space with natural light and offers stunning views over St Mary Staining Churchyard. In dynamic contrast, the East façade boasts a conservative chequer-board rhythm of alternating stone piers and windows, crowned by a post-modern diagrid roof.

100 Wood Street stands as a brave and iconic emblem of Norman Foster’s innovative steel and glass architectural style.